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Knez Mihailova

Knez Mihailova

One of the places that will definitely catch your attention is the high street called Knez Mihailova.

Knez Mihailova street is a pedestrian zone and shopping center. It is one of the oldest streets in Belgrade and it's protected by law as one of most valuable monumental complexes of the city, with that has a large number of representative buildings and urban houses built at the end of 1870s.

It is thought that in as early as the Roman times there was the center of the Singidunum settlement. In this area, at the time of Turks, there were winding streets with gardens, drinking-fountains and mosques. In the middle XIX century, in the upper part of the street was the garden of Knez Aleksandar Karađorđević. After the making of the regulation plan of Belgrade in 1867, by Emilijan Josimović, the street has soon been built and gained its physionomy and content.

The houses have been built there and the most influential and wealthiest families of the commercial and political society of Belgrade have come to live there. In 1870, the city authorities officially gave a name to this street - Ulica Kneza Mihaila.