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Klompen conference hall

Sala za sastanke i konferencije - Klompen Hotel Amsterdam Beograd

Klompen conference hall

Klompen conference hall is a great choice if you want to gather your team, organize a meeting with business partners, hold unforgettable seminars, workshops, or effective presentations. Whether you are organizing a corporate meeting, team building, conference, business presentation, or other business gatherings, there is a modern conference room at your disposal, equipped with the latest audio and video equipment.

Conference space of 42m2 can be easily and functionally adapted to the needs and requirements of clients, as well as the type of event that takes place in it. It has a maximum capacity of up to 40 participants in a cinema setting. If your business event requires the participation of translators or journalists a deaf room is also available within Klompen Hall.

Why choose Hotel Amsterdam

Polite staff!

The friendly and smiling staff will make sure that your stay in our hotel becomes the most beautiful memory.

Unbeatable prices!

Unbeatable prices and promotional offers guarantee you the best price-quality ratio!

Great location

A great location in the city center is the perfect starting point for touring Belgrade or going to business meetings!

Secure booking

Secure, fast, and easy online or telephone booking of the desired hotel accommodation!

Diverse content

A variety of content for your first-class enjoyment: an attractive restaurant, a pleasant bar, a modern Spa & Wellness Center, and 3 conference rooms!

Easy reservation management

Easy booking management allows you to change, cancel or check all the details of your booking!

Book the Klompen conference room

If you wish, you can reserve the Klompen conference hall by calling the telephone number or sending an e-mail inquiry. Our team will try to respond to your request as soon as possible, so that we can agree on all the details related to the organization of the desired event!

Modern design

Professionally and modernly designed and decorated, the Klompen conference hall meets all the requirements and principles of state-of-the-art conference space. In the first place, it enables uninterrupted and high-quality, as well as visual and audio communication. Business meeting participants must be seen, heard, and understood in order for productivity and work efficiency to be at the highest level. This is, above all, achieved by the adequate organization of space, which means the proper arrangement of tables, seats of participants, as well as technical equipment. Special attention is paid to the most modern sound and lighting systems. Quality sound insulation guarantees a quiet and pleasant working environment. Modern business cannot be imagined without a fast Wi-Fi connection with excellent flow, which we took special care of. The ideal temperature of the conference workspace is provided by the central air conditioning, which is, if necessary, adjustable for heating or cooling.

The Klompen conference hall is equipped with the highest quality technical equipment. Users have at their disposal: a projector, a motorized projector screen with remote control, a laptop, a presenter, a flip chart, felt-tip pens, and many other materials and equipment.

Synonymous with successful business!

A quality conference hall is one of the preconditions for successful business in the modern business world. Every successful business project begins and ends in a conference hall or a meeting room. In them, companies hold internal meetings with clients and business partners. Furthermore, they organize lectures, seminars, brainstorming, training, team building, and many other special business events and activities.

The benefits that companies obtain by organizing special business meetings, meetings, and events are the following: concluding new deals, solving problems, professional networking, creating image and recognition in the business market, improving business, increasing employee productivity, education, self-actualization, etc.

In order for the expected benefits to be successfully realized, maintaining such business events in renowned halls with top-quality equipment, and working conditionsas well as in good locations, is significant.

In order to leave a good impression, successfully organize the event and achieve good business results, the Klompen Conference Hall of the Amsterdam Hotel will be your best and most important collaborator in this project.

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