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Spa & wellness

Spa & Wellnes - Hotel Amsterdam Beograd - Najbolji izbor za vas 1
Spa & Wellnes - Hotel Amsterdam Beograd - Najbolji izbor za vas

Spa & Wellness center

The best way to start or end the day is to visit our Spa & Wellness Center, which will complete your stay at the Hotel Amsterdam in the best possible way. A few hours spent in this oasis of peace will make you relax as much as possible and establish physical and spiritual balance. Make up for lost energy and do not miss the opportunity to give your body rest and the necessary relaxation.

There is a swimming pool with hot water, equipped with light effects, a water-jet system for swimming in the place and a waterfall. sauna, steam bath, as well as a large selection of professional massages and treatments. By combining a swimming pool with a sauna or a steam bath, your body will get rid of accumulated stress, toxins, and negative energy.

Why choose Hotel Amsterdam

Polite staff!

The friendly and smiling staff will make sure that your stay in our hotel becomes the most beautiful memory.

Unbeatable prices!

Unbeatable prices and promotional offers guarantee you the best price-quality ratio!

Great location

A great location in the city center is the perfect starting point for touring Belgrade or going to business meetings!

Secure booking

Secure, fast, and easy online or telephone booking of the desired hotel accommodation!

Diverse content

A variety of content for your first-class enjoyment: an attractive restaurant, a pleasant bar, a modern Spa & Wellness Center, and 3 conference rooms!

Easy reservation management

Easy booking management allows you to change, cancel or check all the details of your booking!
Spa & Wellnes - Hotel Amsterdam Beograd - Najbolji izbor za vas
Spa & Wellnes - Hotel Amsterdam Beograd - Najbolji izbor za vas 2

Sauna and steam bath

The sauna is not only an ideal place to relax and enjoy, but at the same time, it has a significant therapeutic effect on the whole organism. Regular use of the sauna reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, and increases the growth of endorphins. It also rids the body of toxins, cleanses the skin, burns calories, reduces cellulite, relaxes muscles, and reduces pain in muscles and joints. It also improves the work of the heart and cardiovascular system, contributes to better and better sleep. Amsterdam’s spa area features a modern dry Finnish sauna in which the temperature is optimal and it is between 90 and 110 C °, while the humidity is around 40%.

Steam bath is a treatment in which, in a closed hot space, steam stimulates sweating and the release of toxins from the body. The steam bath is, in fact, a type of sauna in which high humidity is present, close to 100%. By exposing the body to the action of steam, the skin is cleansed and hydrated, the respiratory tract is cleansed, joint pain is reduced, and everyday stress disappears as well.

Massage – Hotel Amsterdam

Quality massage is much more than a way to relax. Its therapeutic and beneficial effect on human physical and mental health is immeasurable. It is very important which type of massage you choose, relaxation, sports or therapeutic. Moreover, there is a significant role of  the person who will adequately perform the massage in order to achieve the best possible results. Our professional team of highly qualified therapists will make sure that you get just that – a top effect and an unforgettable feeling

Massage services are charged according to the valid pricelist, which can be picked up at the hotel reception.

In order to protect the health of employees and guests of the hotel, the Spa & Wellness Center respects and applies all prescribed measures of prevention and protection in accordance with the COVID 19 policy.

Types of massages – Hotel Amsterdam

Magic Touch

  • Holistic therapeutic massage of tense and sore back – 45 minutes

Magic Face Treatment (man and woman)

  • Facial, head, neck, and scalp treatment – 60 minutes

Good Morning Massage

  • Full body massage designed to wake up the body and relieve the stress – 45 minutes

Panta Rei treatman

  • Wellness treatment of lymphatic drainage – 90 minutes

The power of the Proaken Himalayas

  • Massage the whole body with warm lumps of Himalayan salt – 90 minutes

Shaitsu Treatment

  • A special treatment known and recognized worldwide – 90 minutes

Beauty Treatment

  • Whole-body peeling + packaging, anti-stress head massage – 90 minutes

Pregnancy massage

  • Specially created massage for pregnant women

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