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Windmolen conference hall

Sala za sastanke i konferencije - Windmolen Hotel Amsterdam Beograd

Windmolen conference hall

The Windmolen conference hall of the Amsterdam Hotel, 44 m2, provides privacy and offers a peaceful and pleasant working environment. Its multifunctional space can be adapted to different types of business meetings. It is ideal for organizing business meetings, seminars, conferences, presentations, training, and training for a maximum of 40 participants.

In accordance with the requirements of modern business, the Windmolen conference hall also has a deaf room intended for accommodating translators and journalists who cover a certain event.

Why choose Hotel Amsterdam

Polite staff!

The friendly and smiling staff will make sure that your stay in our hotel becomes the most beautiful memory.

Unbeatable prices!

Unbeatable prices and promotional offers guarantee you the best price-quality ratio!

Great location

A great location in the city center is the perfect starting point for touring Belgrade or going to business meetings!

Secure booking

Secure, fast, and easy online or telephone booking of the desired hotel accommodation!

Diverse content

A variety of content for your first-class enjoyment: an attractive restaurant, a pleasant bar, a modern Spa & Wellness Center, and 3 conference rooms!

Easy reservation management

Easy booking management allows you to change, cancel or check all the details of your booking!

Book the Windmolen conference hall

If you wish, you can book the Windmolen conference hall by calling the telephone number or sending an e-mail inquiry. Our team will try to respond to your request as soon as possible so that we can agree on all the details related to the organization of the desired event!

Conference space and equipment

The conference space and equipment of the Windmolen hall are at the highest level and can meet all the needs and requirements of business users. Designed and decorated with style, it exudes business elegance and a great sense of connection among the participants. Quality and comfortable office furniture, which is properly arranged, not only makes the participants feel comfortable and beautiful but also contributes to more successful business communication. Quality communication leads to faster and easier exchange of information, knowledge, and ideas, finding adequate solutions, and making good business decisions.

The Windmolen conference hall is equipped with the latest technology, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, a state-of-the-art sound system, and excellent lighting. Participants have at their disposal: laptop, projector, motorized projector screen with remote control, flip chart, presenter, markers, as well as other necessary materials and equipment. Quality sound insulation guarantees uninterrupted operation and the flow of business events. The ideal room temperature, desirable for successful work and a pleasant stay of the participants, is provided by the central air- conditioning, which can be adjusted for heating or cooling if necessary.

Advantages and benefits

Business events and gatherings are an integral part of the business of any successful company. They are organized to better connect and strengthen relationships with business associates, partners, and clients, build image, present services, and products, present business achievements, exchange knowledge, etc.

Advantages and benefits of organizing a business meeting in a good location, in a prestigious, well-equipped business environment are numerous because such events depict and represent the host company.

For this reason, the Windmolen Conference Hall is the perfect choice for organizing a successful corporate event, which will present your company in the best light. Located within the renowned Hotel Amsterdam in Belgrade, it boasts an excellent location in the city center. Already existing reoutation the hotel itself enjoys, will further contribute to strengthening the reputation and image of the organizers of the event. A perfectly arranged and equipped conference space will enhance and strengthen the good impression and performance of the gathering. Great service from professional staff and accompanying facilities, such as a beautiful restaurant and spa, is an extra bonus.

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