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Restaurant Mokum – a place for your important moments

Restoran Mokum – mesto za Vaše bitne trenutke - Hotel Amsterdam 1

Choose the Mokum restaurant as the place for your important moments and be sure that you will give yourself and your loved ones a unique pleasure and an unforgettable experience. Treat yourself to the perfect atmosphere because the synonym for the Mokum restaurant is to have fun and enjoy with style. Attractive, unique, and luxurious, it will surround you with very special magic that will win you over forever. Great location, fascinating panoramic views, elegant and sophisticated interior, pleasant atmosphere, unique taste of culinary specialties, and impeccable service of friendly staff will fulfill all your wishes and needs.

Recognizable by the top quality of offers and services, it is the ideal choice for all occasions, both every day and for all those special and special events and occasions. It is the perfect place for morning coffee and invigorating breakfast, brunch, business, family or lunch with a partner, afternoon break, evening out with friends, or a romantic dinner.

Restaurant Mokum as a place for your important moments will exceed the highest expectations of the most demanding guests. Invite a loved one in the magical ambiance of Mokuma, celebrate Valentine’s Day or a significant anniversary, business success, or any other, important to you, date and event. Restaurant Mokum is at your disposal for all kinds of business and private celebrations, as well as for the most beautiful New Year’s Eve in Belgrade. Organize a celebration in Mokum and your satisfaction and enthuisiasm , as well as  the satisfaction and enthusiasm of your guests, will not be lacking. All the elements necessary for its planning, organization, and successful implementation are at your disposal. May your unforgettable fun be remembered and retold for a long time

Mokum Restaurant – the magic of spectacular views

The glamorous rooftop restaurant Mokum, located on the seventh floor of the Hotel Amsterdam, is illuminated by the magic of spectacular views. The beautiful location in the heart of Belgrade and the walls, mostly made of glass, gave it an impressive and wonderful view. Unbelievably beautiful and enchanting view from the restaurant Mokum reaches far and extends from Avala, through the panorama of the city, all the way to Zemun and Gardoš.

Restoran Mokum – mesto za Vaše bitne trenutke - Hotel Amsterdam 2

Stop your view in the direction of Ušće and New Belgrade, and then turn it towards Savamala, Belgrade Waterfront, and the old part of the Serbian capital. The magnificent temple of Saint Sava and the panorama of Belgrade are waiting for you on the third side of the restaurant’s window walls. Among other things, the Mokum restaurant makes it a great place for all-day enjoyment. Each time of day brings its beauty and specificity. Illuminated by daylight, it rewards guests with a magnificent panorama of the city and its surroundings. The calm of the day brings a stunning sunset, and the evening a fairytale and romantic ambiance illuminated by the night lights of Belgrade.

Restaurant Mokum – a unique Belgrade retreat

Restaurant Mokum is a unique Belgrade spot, where you can find your own retreat whenever you want and enjoy its many benefits. Tucked away in the very center, in Jug Bogdanova Street, and yet hidden from the crowds and city noise, it is a unique oasis of peace and refined hedonism. His very name – Mokum – indicates that.

The word “mokum” translated into Serbian means “retreat”. It is also known as the nickname that the people of Amsterdam have been using for their city since the beginning of the 20th century.

If you still haven’t, be sure to visit Belgrade’s Mokum and find out why this “retreat” is one of the most beautiful and popular restaurants in the capital, for which there is always more space to look for.

The most beautiful culinary symphony in the Mokum restaurant

The most beautiful culinary symphony of unique gastronomic flavors awaits you in the Mokum restaurant. The sumptuous menu is filled with top specialties of local and international cuisine, which you will not be able to resist. You will keep coming back to enjoy your favorite flavors and try all the ones you haven’t yet. A selection of the world’s best wines and a large selection of South American tompuses will complete your perfect pleasure.

Restoran Mokum – mesto za Vaše bitne trenutke - Hotel Amsterdam 3

In order to tickle your imagination and awaken your senses, we will mention just some of the fantastic delicacies that the Mokum restaurant offers such as: Carpaccio di Manzo, turkey Sophia Loren, chicken in a cheeky sauce, sticky finger ribs, wasabi steak, stray salmon, and many others. For all lovers of delicious creamy desserts, we recommend Opera raspberry cake, Orange almond cake, choco tart, salted caramel, or special house.

Obroci se pripremaju isključivo od najkvalitetnijih namirnica i po posebnoj recepturi fantastičnih šefova kuhinje.

Opening hours and capacity of Mokum restaurant

The working hours of the Mokum restaurant are from 7am to 12 pm. The capacity of 105 comfortably arranged seats can be adjusted to different types of gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonies.

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